Farol Museu de Santa Marta

Cascais Portugal

During the 1750s, on a rocky shoulder overhanging the sea, a small fort was erected that was part of the maritime defence of Cascais until the 19th century. In 1762 it was modernized, and began its function as a lighthouse in 1868 after losing its military value. This beautiful blue and white striped pepper-pot structure is topped by a small glass beacon.

Farol Museu de Santa Marta

In the lighthouse museum are gathered representative pieces that illustrate its activity whilst it was a lighthouse, featuring a series of optical devices from the 19th and 20th centuries as well as an audiovisual centre where a multilingual documentary about the lighthouses of Portugal is exhibited.

You really need to wear good sunglasses when visiting this site – the white glossy tiles of the exhibition centre and auditorium throw off a blinding light in the sunlight which quite hurts the eyes! The tiles are laid slightly unevenly so the apparently plain surfaces catch the light and have a subtle iridescent quality.

More information from Estoril website


3 thoughts on “Farol Museu de Santa Marta

  1. I’ll get there one day. Just you wait and see! We keep raising the subject of when the move to Portugal is to take place. An English summer like this doesn’t help 🙂 Says she staying positive and cheerful. You may have caught me at a bad moment. I’d just dragged a chair out of the conservatory to languish in the garden (and finish that darn book!) and that’s always an incentive for the clouds to storm in. 😦

    • I guess with your Dad being so frail it is hard to leave him, and then there are the kids 😦

      Mine think I am mad moving to Cornwall as they hardly see me now, but you know what? This move is for ME, not them. I have little enough time left to fulfil my dreams and I spent a lot of years raising them on my own and going nowhere.

      Weather lovely here, even sat out on my ‘patio’ and read for a while this morning 🙂

      • Yes- I feel a lot of panic… time running out… but I fit in what I can. Changing the subject completely from your weather I just bought some peonies as a cut flower! Never seen them before… hoping for extravagances of pink to brighten my hearth (and my soul 🙂 ) See you, Jude. Nice chatting!

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