Elevador de Santa Justa

Lisbon Portugal

Also known as the “Elevator of  Carmo,” this extraordinary structure was built at the turn of the century by the Portugal-born French  architect Raoul de Mesnier du Ponsard (an apprentice of Gustave Eiffel,  explaining the structure’s similarities to Paris’ Eiffel Tower),  with a cast iron structure, enriched with filigrana details to connect  downtown Baixa to Bairro Alto (the lowest and highest points of the city).

mosaicYou will probably need to queue as it is not the fastest transport in the city, but so unusual you have to take it.  At the top you can pay extra to climb up to a viewing platform, but to be honest the views are pretty good anyway, looking over the Rossio square.

Once at the top I can recommend paying a visit to the gothic ruins of the Carmo Convent museum (to your right in the square as you leave the elevator) another casualty of the devastating 1755 earthquake. At the entrance of the museum is a stone engraved with Gothic lettering,  informing visitors that Pope Clement VII granted 40 days of indulgence to  “any faithful Christian” who visits this church.

Ticket Prices

  • Santa Justa Ticket – 5,00€ (acquired onboard, valid for 2 trips, includes access to the viewpoint);
  • Lisboa Viva, 7Colinas or Viva Viagem cards with tickets valid on CARRIS;
  • Yellow Bus/Aerobus tickets;
  • Lisboa Card tickets.

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