St Denis

Paris France

The headless statue of St Denis whose statue can be found all over Paris including on the Notre-Dame and the Eglise St-Germain-l’Auxerrois. Saint Denis was the first bishop of Paris who met his death around 273 A.D. According to legend, Roman soldiers tortured Denis near the present site of Notre-Dame and then decapitated him on the slopes of Montmartre. There the martyred saint picked up his head and walked northwards almost 4 miles to the place marked by the cathedral that bares his name.

st denis

An interesting story, though quite imaginative as the legend was created several hundred years after the – no doubt real – event. Wherever you see him depicted, he is the saint who patiently holds his head in his hands.


9 thoughts on “St Denis

  1. No, I’m from chopped heads country . That’s why Saint Denis is just a member of the gang .
    But I’m not from the headless country to answer your question .

  2. What do you mean, an imaginative legend ? It’s still quite common in France to carry one’s head after this sort of accidents . It’s just a matter of practice . I’m always amazed when the simplest things become part of what they call a “culture shock” in America . .

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